As some of you might know, in Bethlehem we celebrate Easter twice. In two days, we will be celebrating the Eastern Easter. So let us continue to celebrate and give thanks for a new life, celebrations, and the goodness of God!

As the economic crises in Bethlehem continue, please pray for the families here and pray that we could reach out to as many families as we can through the Shepherd Society, the social arm of Bethlehem Bible College.

Please keep praying for the situation in Gaza and the old city of Jerusalem. May the Peace of our Lord prevail in every heart, mind, and life.

As you may know, Ramadan will end in 12 days, after which our Muslim brothers and sisters will be celebrating Eid al-Fitr.  Let us all join in prayers for them. May the Lord use this time to reveal Himself to them in a new and fresh way!

As we are going through a strong heat wave, please pray for those who lack the basic utilities to help them endure this weather.