Dear Christian partners:

As the director of the International Students Program of Bethlehem Bible College, I am writing to introduce you to our program.

We offer a unique opportunity for students to study in the land of the Bible, in an accredited program of academic excellence, linking the ancient history of the Bible and Christianity to the present. In a relevant context, with the experience of on site field trips and interaction with Palestinian Christians, students gain deeper insight into the Scriptures and their understanding of the Middle East.

Topics include the following: 

In the Footsteps of Jesus

Introduction to Palestinian Christian Theology

Introduction to Islam, Judaism, Messianic Jews

The Israeli – Palestinian Conflict

Theology of the Land

Zionism and its Alternatives

A Christian Response to Radical Islam

Reading the Old Testament in Palestine

Pastoring in Palestine

Pathways to Reconciliation

Peace, Justice and Non-violence in the Palestinian Context

We offer one track for groups of students and one for individuals. Track A, three credits, is available upon request for groups and includes up to fourteen lectures and six field trips during two to three weeks. Track B, twelve to fifteen credits, is a fall semester course for interested individuals. Students may also audit the course. Visitors to the Holy Land may also participate in non credited lectures and field trips. Instruction for all of the above options is in English.

Please contact us for further details at Course descriptions and application forms are available at our website:

We are accepting applications for our fall semester so please make this information available to anyone who would benefit from studying with us at Bethlehem Bible College and forward at your discretion. If you prefer, we would be pleased to arrange a group program. I look forward to hearing from you.

God bless,

Alaa Qasasfa

Director, International Students Program

Bethlehem Bible College

On Behalf of:

Rev. Hanna Katanacho, Ph.D.

Academic Dean, Bethlehem Bible College