On October 2nd, Bethlehem Bible College held a seminar on the importance of and practical methods for fundraising. The seminar took place in the Conference Hall of Bethlehem Bible College’s new building. It was led by Dr. Manfred Kohl who has two doctorate degrees; one in Fundraising and one in Theology.

Thirty eight people participated in the seminar representing local churches, Non-Governmental Organizations, and different departments of the Bethlehem Bible College. The seminar started with a Welcome from Vice President Jack Sara where he talked about the importance of finding new sources for raising funds, thus allowing local organizations to continue to serve the community in the midst of economic hardship.

Doctor Kohl focused on fundraising and Biblical stewardship, how to begin fundraising, and basic aspects of proposal writing.  He encouraged the participants to discern their specific priorities, while sharing his own personal experience in this field. The dean of students at Bethlehem Bible College, Pastor Alex Awad, has confirmed the necessity of having training courses in this area and has encouraged leaders in local organizations to try and satisfy the needs of the community.