Bethlehem Bible College hosted their yearly two week summer camp from June 25th through July 7th. The camp, titled “King of Peace,” had more than 100 kids from ages 5 through 13.

Camp started every day with an hour of worship where the students learned new songs and the movements to each song. This was followed by two different stories about peace, one biblical story and anther story using the book “The King of Peace,” a newly released book for children written by BBC’s Academic Dean, Dr. Yohanna Katanacho.

The summer camp had many activities such as crafts, cooking and food preparation, drama, acting in Biblical skits, and sports.  The second week, all the children and their families went to the swimming pool where they had enjoyed the sound of the summer camp songs. (pictures link)

The last day we had a celebration for the children and their families (picture link), each group gave a performance of one of the songs they had learned that week followed by two skits and a wonderful breakfast where each child brought something to share.