110 Children learn to “Go tell it on the mountain” through singing, drama, crafts, and Bible lessons.

From June 18 to June 29, Bethlehem Bible College, in cooperation with volunteers from Kensington Community Church, held its annual Children’s summer camp. This year’s theme was “Go tell it on the mountain.” Each day, singing, drama, a Kid’s Empowered class, crafts, outdoor games and Bible lessons, offered a new lesson for how kids can “Go tell it on the mountain.”

“The best part of each day was the Kid’s Empowered class,” said Nisreen Nassar, the Summer Camp coordinator.  “ We talked with the kids about how to respect each other, care for each other, and love each other. One day we gave kids a ball.  When they said good things to others, the ball became bigger. When they said bad things to others, the ball became smaller. It was wonderful to see how they empowered one another through respect and positive words!”

One day, the camp focused on Kenya. After a presentation about how kids in Kenya are suffering with little water and without soap to wash their hands, the children brought soap, which they packaged and shipped to the children in Kenya.  “How inspiring to see Palestinian kids connecting with Kenyan kids!” remarked Nisreen.

Kensington Community Church of Troy, MI sent a group of volunteers to help coordinate the summer camp.  They worked with the local leaders to create powerful experiences for the children. “The group from Kensington was amazing,” continued Nisreen. “They had a lot of experience running this camp all over the world. I’m glad we were able to work together to create a memorable experience for our kids.”

After the two weeks, parents were invited for an open day.  One parent enthusiastically said, “I’m glad my kids were able to learn about the Bible.” Moreover, many parents commented on how their children would come home, turn on the songs they learned at camp, and begin teaching their parents the motions.

Nisreen expressed her feeling about the two weeks by saying, “I was motivated when I saw how even children could teach their parents something. It’s great to see what we taught already going out to the mountains.”