In April, 2013, Rasha Mukarker began her employment at BBC as Administrative Assistant for the Christ at the Checkpoint Conference.

Rasha brings a wonderful combination of skill and passion to her role as Administrative Assistant for the Conference. Working together with conference director, Munther Isaac, she carries out the appropriate communication, record keeping and processing of registrations for the event. Having a B.A. in Accounting with a minor in Business Administration, Rasha is well equipped for these responsibilities. She also completed an internship in California, USA and has previously worked as an accountant at Talitha Kumi High School.

In addition to the warm, Christian atmosphere and good humor at BBC, Rasha loves her job because it allows her to participate in spreading awareness of alternative responses to the Palestinian Israeli conflict,and to work in a very relevant way toward a healthy solution. Having been born and raised in Bethlehem, she is largely shaped by her personal experience of the conflict and deeply invested in the pursuit of peace.

To learn more about the conference and to register, contact Rasha: