On March 25, 2014 eight British parliamentarians, members of the International Development Select Committee, met with the president of Bethlehem Bible College, Dr. Jack Sara, faculty members, and Father Jamal Khader of the Latin Patriarchate.  The British delegation was visiting the region on a fact finding mission to investigate the UK’s investment in the advancement of the peace process, and were particularly interested in learning more about the plight of Palestinian Christians.

During the meeting, the delegation was briefed on the challenges faced by Palestinian Christians, the role of the Bethlehem Bible College, and also the recent Christ at the Checkpoint Conference.  The British MPs were challenged to engage with and advance the peace process, as well as to empower the local Palestinian community, especially the Christians.  During the discussion, honest questions were posed regarding the general situation of the Palestinians and the hardships faced due to the conflict.  When asked about the proposed two state solution, and what was preferred, Alex Awad emphasized that regardless, there needed to be a solution.  The members of the delegation promised to take the plight of the Palestinian Christians back to the British government and as possible, find ways to empower the Palestinian community.   The meeting afforded the opportunity also for a time of fellowship on a personal level as the honoured guests were welcomed with the warmth of traditional Palestinian hospitality.