“How High, Wide and Deep is the Love of God”

Baptist Assembly of Great Britain—May10-11, 2014

By Rev. Dr. Jack Sara

Higher, Deeper, Wider was the theme at the recent Baptist Assembly I attended.  This 2-day annual gathering of Baptists held in West Bromwich near Birmingham was attended by over 1800 people, among them several hundred Baptist pastors from the UK, including some international Christian leaders.

As a guest speaker, I shared about the love of God and how it compels us to carry forth the Gospel message, and at the same time it motivates us to live a deep, incarnational and compassionate life style amidst the people we serve. I encouraged my listeners to aim high in spreading the Gospel and to reach with wide open arms to all people, regardless of their background.  I spoke to both pastors and missionaries who were being commissioned to serve in the UK or abroad.

In other meetings throughout the week, I spoke to diverse audiences, including faculty, staff and students from Bristol and Trinity Bible Colleges, about the Palestinian Christians, Bethlehem Bible College and Christ at the Checkpoint.  The visit provided an opportunity for me to renew many old friendships and encourage new partnerships for the future.