The graduation ceremony of the Bethlehem Bible College for the year 2014 was held Monday, June 9th, honoring the 27th graduating class. This year there were 8 students from the college here in Bethlehem, and one student graduated from the satellite school in Gaza.

Mr. Gabriel Hanna, Director of the Media Department, was the MC for the evening. Dr. Munir Kakish, President of the Evangelical Church Council in the Holy Land, gave the opening prayer.

Dr. Jack Sara, President of Bethlehem Bible College, welcomed the many friends and family, along with the faEdit Edit date and timeculty, staff and the graduates to the event. Dr. Sara spoke of how Bethlehem Bible College has served to equip and train ministers to provide a better future for the people living in this area. He gave a salute to Dr. Bishara Awad, the founder of Bethlehem Bible College, who has dedicated his life to train and equip a unique generation of pastors and leaders to go forth and build the Palestinian society and serve the church and the community. Dr. Sara gave warm greetings from Dr. Bishara Awad as well as Rev. Alex Awad, the Dean of Students, both of whom are presently out of the country.

In his speech, Dr. Sara told the graduates that they are standing on a crossroad to either continue education or get involved with work. The College was established 35 years ago and will continue to provide for the needs of the Palestinian community. There are plans to provide a new Peace Studies Program at Bethlehem Bible College.

Noura Karmin, a peace activist with Kairos Palestine, also addressed the graduates. She said, “I have honor and respect for this institution whose roots are faith, and planted in our beloved Palestine to serve God and society faithfully on three levels: spirit, faith and country (homeland).

Your journey wasn’t easy but your commitment to your Christian faith and values helped to unify you and make a difference in our society through educational training. The Palestinian man is not less than another for he is created in God’s image. He deserves to live in dignity and freedom in the Palestinian lands, and have all the rights for its citizens. She called on the graduates to continue on the educational journey in love and humility.”

The 2014 graduates are as follows:

Riham Flifel – Valedictorian, Suha Tarazi, Areen Qumsieh, Naser Saman, Jabra Jaber,

Suha Nashash, Issa Essawi, Mirna Nazi, and Nahida Al Sliebi

Congratulations to you graduates, and may God bless you as you begin your new journey. May He use you mightily as you serve Him to make a difference in your community, throughout Palestine and beyond, and in the lives you touch.