This Wednesday 25th of March our Tour Guide students had another educational trip, this time to the town of Hebron. This was a great opportunity for them to develop their skills as some of them practiced being guides of the trip while others served as translators. Through the trip, students were able to explore the tangible and intangible heritage of Hebron.

The trip had included the visit of most important sites in Hebron and its environs including the Old Town of Hebron, Al Haram Al-Ibrahimi (the Sanctuary of Abraham),  Haram al-Rama (Mamre),the Oak of Ibrahim, and Herodium. These sites represent the tangible heritage Hebron has to offer to its visitors.

In addition, the students learnt about the intangible heritage of Hebron that is passed on from generation to generation by visiting pottery workshops and glassblowing factories.

Finally but not less important the Tourism Department had the opportunity to visit the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee where Mr.Anas Maraqa gave a lecture that allowed the students to understand the town of Hebron in its historical, archaeological and political context. Overall the trip was a very fruitful experience that allowed the students to learn vividly how to guide others into Hebron’s historical richness.