On Thursday the 26th of March, some of our students  went to visit Saint Nicolas Elderly home. It was an opportunity for the students to have fellowship with the elders, they also prayed and sang with them. Finally as a special treat the students shared some candy with the elders.

Towards the end of the meeting the students asked what were the needs of the community. The elders replied they need it some beef and chicken for their meals. Thankfully we were able to supply for their pressing need. It was an inspiring experience for the students in which they learnt about the value of life and the need to appreciate the elders of the community. The students were touched by the fact that some of the  elders do not receive visits from their immediate families and also by the fact that some elders became a burden rather than a blessing for their families. What added special value to the visit was that some of our graduates paid the expenses of the trip for our current students.

Our second visit of the day was to the SOS village. Most people who visit the SOS village do so in order to spend time with the kids. As a college we wanted to do something different. Our purpose was not only to show love to these children but also show love to the women that take care of them, they are called the ‘Mothers’ of the institution. BBC ‘s main concern was for the students to understand the work of these women and appreciate their commitment. But also we wanted to use this opportunity to bless these women. A week ago it was mother’s day in Bethlehem and the week before that was women’s day so we tried to combine these two occasions. We gave each mom and aunt a gift from the students and thanked them for all the work they do for the children. All of our group had time to drink tea with some of the mothers and aunts, we had a great time and for sure our laughter was heard! We also played with the kids and gave them some candies. The mothers were very happy with our visit and could not thank us enough as we were leaving the village.

These outreach activities are a priority since the students are meeting the needs of our community and starting to think of ministries in which they can be involved in the future. Theory is important but it must be turn into practice. Please pray for us as we continue to learn more about service, imitating Christ who came to this land to serve and not to be served.