One of BBC’s most important goals is to enrich the lives of our students through encouraging their personal growth. In addition to giving them a sound practical and theological education, we also make sure to build their personality, their spiritual lives and their relationships with one another.

Last weekend, our Dean of Students, Mrs. Shireen Hilal, and some additional faculty joined 30 of our students for an overnight gathering in Beit Sahour. The primary reason for the retreat was to build relationship between the upperclassmen and new students by worshiping the Lord together and getting to know one another through spending a fun time together.

The retreat began with prayer and worship, followed by a powerful word from Pastor Nihad Salman, one of our faculty members.  He encouraged the students to stay in Palestine and to serve the Lord in His homeland since our country needs them.

Following the excellent sermon, the students had a time of fun and games led by Mrs. Shireen, culminating with a time of fellowship around a delicious meal. They spent the rest of the night worshipping God and enjoying the fellowship with each other.

The next day, students enjoyed their breakfast before listening to Michael Arteen, our Chaplin, who talked about the importance of prayer and improving their Morning Prayer meetings every Tuesday and Thursday.

The students enjoyed very much the retreat, especially the new students.  They said that it helped to take away their fear and shyness from praying and worshipping the Lord in front of other people.

As we closed the retreat, Mrs. Shireen assured the young people that retreats such as this are just the beginning; and that BBC remains committed to serving our students in many ways.