A collaboration between Nazareth Evangelical College

And the International College of Prayer

Nazareth Evangelical College, an extension of Bethlehem Bible College, held a prayer conference in the last week of November in collaboration with the International College of Prayer, which is based out of Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Many students and church members from Nazareth attended the conference in addition to a group from Bethlehem Bible college’s staff.

The conference lasted for three days, and contained lectures and workshops by Rev. Fred Hartley III, the founder of the International College of Prayer, who spoke on spiritual topics such as hungering for God, how to pray, and the Lord’s Prayer Model.  Rev. Hartley also spoke about how we are healed of an orphan mentality and how to receive the blessings of God the Father. There was also a powerful message on the power of forgiveness and blessing all those who’ve harmed us.  All of these teachings were to empower us to pray with the love and power of the children of God.

Pastor Jack Sara, the president of Bethlehem Bible College came with a group from Bethlehem to attend the conference. He led the worship the whole three days of the conference. Rev. Yohanna Katanacho was the primary translator for each message and provided oversight for the entire conference.  Many pastors (including an Orthodox priest) from the Nazareth region were in attendance, with several churches represented. It was a special time for the body of Christ in Palestine to connect with each other and come together in the unity of the Spirit. Rev. Fred Hartley also brought a prayer team from the United States, and they were a great blessing to the local church.

The International College of Prayer

The International College of Prayer was founded in 1997 by Rev. Fred Hartley and three other pastors. Since the beginning they have seen significant growth throughout the world.

They currently have over 340 campuses located on 5 continents spanning over 42 countries and requests are coming in from all over the world every month to launch new campuses.

The College’s core curriculum is taken largely from the pattern Jesus used to teach His disciples how to pray in Luke 11. Teaching takes place by certified leaders within the College of Prayer International and includes empowerment for our personal life, home life, work life and ministry as follows:

Year 1 — Lord, Teach Us to Pray!

Year 2 — Lord, As Families, Teach Us to Pray!

Year 3 — Lord, As Churches, Teach Us to Pray!

Nazareth Evangelical College and Bethlehem Bible College look forward to continued partnership with the International College of Prayer.  This conference was the first year of training at the College in Nazareth, and we look forward to the upcoming training conferences in the next two years.