Out of everyone at BBC, Rev. Jack Sara travels overseas the most. At least once every two months, our President has to leave the college and his family to share our mission and work in the kingdom of God with others. His hard work has brought many great changes since he was given the leadership of the college in 2013.

Pastor Jack Sara’s latest trip was to Canada. He was one of the four main speakers at the Missionfest Manitoba 2016 conference, with the theme “Advancing the Gospel in the Face of Conflict” Pastor Jack gave a seminar about the situation in the Middle East in general, Christians in the Middle East, and especially Christians in Palestine and the conflict we are facing every day. He also spoke about Bethlehem Bible College’s ministry in the Holy Land, and shared how Canadian Christians can help the Palestinian church.

On the second day of the conference, Pastor Jack gave a strong word from the book of Acts. He preached about how God can powerfully use the church during challenging times. “Challenges shouldn’t stop us from doing God’s work. They should give us a push forward to keep ministering to the people that need to hear the gospel the most.”

He encouraged them to look back at the history of the Canadian church; how it had sent many missionaries around the world. He mentioned how it had touched his heart to see the new Canadian president in the airport welcoming the refugees with love and tenderness. “I hope that this heart is within the Canadian church also. I hope that one day we can see the church welcoming the Arab refugees and preaching the message of love among them!”

In conclusion, Pastor Jack left the Canadian church with three challenges: to “go,” to support and to pray! “…Because God sent us to change the world that we are living in. This is our mandate!”

Hope Outreach of Canada

During the conference there was a booth for BBC led by Hope Outreach of Canada. Their mission is to support BBC in our financial needs and to share about the college with Canadians. If you would like to know more about our office in Canada you can visit this link: www.hopeoutreach.ca We thank Pastor Jack Sara for his hard work and the many long trips that he takes in behalf of BBC. We pray for him, that the Lord will continue the good work He started in him and bless his heart that longs to serve the kingdom of God.