The Shepherd Society recently received two appreciation plaques for the work they are doing for the Palestinian community.

In a small event before Easter, the Shepherd Society was recognized with a plaque and a special ceremony for its contribution to minister to the poor and needy in Bethlehem District.  Several weeks later, the Society received another plaque from the Ministry of Social Welfare.

The Palestinian Authority governor of Bethlehem, Gibreen Al-Bakri, gave the plaque to Director George Abdo, while announcing that the Shepherd Society is one of the most influential institutions that helps the Palestinian community.

George Abdo said: “We are so happy and proud of these plaques, because they show that the Shepherd Society is reaching its goals in showing the love of Christ through the services it makes.” He added:  “We thank God for his leadership for the Shepherd Society, and we thank the donors who gave every dollar to us, because now we can see the fruit of their seeds!”

The Shepherd Society was established under the auspices of the Bethlehem Bible College in 1996. The name “Shepherd Society” is a reference to Jesus, the good Shepherd, who told his disciple Peter to care for His sheep.

The Shepherd Society aids families by giving them food and assistance towards medical bills, small business grants, and providing jobs and school fees and many other things. It reaches also to the Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Jordan and serves the needy in Gaza.

We pray that the Lord keep blessing this Institute as it shows the love and care of Christ for the Palestinian community.