“I’m a light everywhere I go!”

“I’m a BBC graduate, and I’m a light in my country and everywhere I go!”

Bethlehem Bible College’s main goal will always be to create influential leaders to serve the Lord in their country and everywhere He sends them. Of course, if you ask the leadership of the college, they would prefer for all of our graduates to stay in Palestine and serve among their people in the land. But, “for as the heavens are higher than the earth,  so are my ways higher than your waysand my thoughts than your thoughts.”

About 500 graduates have come out from BBC.  That might seem like a small number at first glance, but it is actually a very high per capita of our tiny Christian population compared to many Christian-majority nations. Most of our students graduate with a Biblical Studies degree, while others gain degrees from the Mass Media, Tour Guide and Masters in Leadership programs, as well as the Master of Peace studies, which is in its first year. Most of our graduates stay and work here in Palestine, but others have followed the Lord’s calling to other countries. Wherever they have gone, they have carried the power and light of the gospel.

Let’s meet some of them…

“My name is Alaa Qasasfa. I graduated from BBC in 2005 with a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies. Those four years of studying at BBC were the most beautiful years in my life, where I got a better understanding of the Bible, a better understanding of the message of Jesus and the gift of salvation that is offered to anyone who accepts Him as the only Savior.

“ The faculty at BBC encouraged me to pursue a higher degree in Biblical Studies, so I went to study at Jerusalem University College on Mount Zion in Jerusalem. In 2008, I graduated with a Masters degree in Biblical History and Geography. Afterward, I joined BBC faculty and served as an instructor of Biblical History for seven years. Last year, I decided to resign from my position at BBC in order to seek further Biblical education in the United States. I am currently studying for another Masters degree in BiblicalArchaeology at Wheaton College in Illinois. My ultimate goal and dream with all of these studies is to get a PhD in Biblical Archaeology.”

Niveen Amer is also a graduate of BBC. She graduated in 2003. “BBC was like my second home, we were like one family.  It taught me the truth of the Bible and how to know and love the Lord more and how to live my life for him.”  Niveen is now living and ministering among the Syrian refugees in Lebanon. She teaches Syrian kids between 6 and 8 years old Arabic and math in addition to some stories from the bible. She is also part of an evangelism team that reaches the Syrian families.“I feel special and blessed to be a Palestinian Christian holding the light and truth of Jesus to the Syrians in Lebanon!”

“My name is Alia Hanouneh Toume and I am currently living in Chicago. I was a student at BBC and I graduated in 2006.” Alia is now serving the Lord in her church and she is the worship leader for the Arab team. She also serves with the women and children’s ministry in her church. “It’s hard sometimes to be living and serving abroad, but whenever I’m weak my God is strong.  I feel so blessed to serve a different culture that knows God. Especially because some people in the west think that there are no Arab Christians in the Holy Land—but when they meet us, they know and they see Jesus Christ through us.  That’s what I love most about my ministry in USA!”

This is a small sample of what our special graduates are doing around the world. We thank God for them, and we pray that the Lord will continue to bless BBC in its purpose to help create influential Palestinian Christian leaders.  Yes—we are Palestinian Christians, and we do exist!

BBC Graduates serving abroad, from left to right:  Niveen Amer, Alia Hanouneh Toumeh,  Alaa Qasasfeh