Our students have completed their 4 year training in Biblical Studies at Bethlehem Bible College. They are now preparing for their graduation and for the good work that God has prepared in advance for them to do. Every day more than 360 alumni are using what they learned at Bethlehem Bible College to fully be the presence of Jesus in the Holy Land and beyond. This summer Bethlehem Bible College will celebrate its 29th Commencement Ceremony.

“I have mixed feelings, I am happy and yet sad. I’m happy that I’m done with my studies, but sad that I’m leaving the college and my classmates” said Patricia, who is working diligently with children’s ministry and is also the worship leader at her local church (not to mention a working mum with three children). John agreed and added: “This is the day I was waiting for so long, because I want to get started ministering in the field of the Lord”. John is exited to become a pastor and work in ministry full time. “At BBC, no matter what is your denomination or your background, you are a very important human, and your existence at the college matters to everyone.” pointed out Mariam, while commenting about the college’s atmosphere. Marian is 22 years old and comes from a Roman Catholic background.

An impact assessment research study about BBC graduates in the last 10 years concluded that 51% of our Biblical Studies graduates are involved in ministry. Whether by being a religious education teacher, a pastor or a full time minister at a local church or religious organization, our students are impacting our society with Kingdom values. This year is no exception, most of our students are already in ministry or applying for jobs in local churches and religious organizations.

Many of our future graduates also expressed their desire to sign up for Bethlehem Bible College’s Christian Leadership MA program. “I don’t want to leave the family of BBC, so I’m planning to sign up for the Master in Christian Leadership program. In addition I want to be a full time minister”, said John from Beit Jala, who shared with us his plans for the future.

When we asked our students to give a final message to the college most of them expressed their gratitude to the leadership, faculty, and staff of the college. They valued the love and care poured into their education. Please join the family of Bethlehem Bible College in prayer for the lives and future ministries of these valued students.