The New Vision Media Center at Bethlehem Bible College just filmed a talk show about children’s safety on roads. The show was hosted by Media director, Gabriel Hanna and will be broadcasted on Maan satellite station reaching Palestinians families across the West Bank and Gaza. The dialogue aims to raise awareness among citizens and to urge them to take safety measures to protect the citizens from road accidents.

The program featured Colonel Iyad Khalil, director of political guidance in Bethlehem governorate, and Lieutenant Colonel Ayman Abdel Qader from Bethlehem traffic police. Colonel Khalil pointed out that the first reason of accidents are drivers, while Lt. Colonel Ayman Abdel Kader provided statistics on accidents, injuries and deaths, in addition to physical damages, while explaining the role of the Traffic Police in this area. Lt. Col. Abdul Qadir also urged the citizens to inform the police about youth driving at high speed, in order to take deterrent penalties against violators.

The dialogue took a nature of accountability among the attendees, who raised pertinent questions about abuses committed by the drivers and the role of the police in the streets. The attendees offered examples for specific sites that cause continuous accidents due to poor planning or delays in completing the road infrastructure.

This episode comes as part of a series of talk shows prepared by the New Vision Media Center, which focus on issues that concern the Palestinian civil society. We hope with these shows we address important issues and offer dialogue to promote positive changes in our society.