Journey of the History Makers

“Give me a man of God – one man,

 Whose faith is master of his mind,

And I will right all wrongs

And bless the name of all mankind.

Give me a woman of God – one woman,

Whose tongue is touched in heaven’s fire,

And I will flame the darkest hearts

With high resolve and clean desire.

Give me a man of God – one man,

One mighty prophet of the Lord,

And I will give you peace on earth,

Bought with a prayer and not a sword.

Give me a woman of God – one woman,

True to the vision that she sees,

And I will build your broken shires

And bring the nations to their knees.”

– George Liddell


Bethlehem Bible College, in cooperation with ILI (International Leadership Institute), organized a leadership conference entitled “HistoryMakers.” The conference was held in the Bethlehem Bible College building, in the presence of a number of influential church leaders from the region. Dr. Yousef Sarkis of Kasr El Dobara Church in Egypt, Joy Grifin, Cathy Sarkis, Tom Fuerst, Rev. Jack Sara, president of Bethlehem Bible College, and Mrs. Madeline Sara, Christian counselor, all spoke at the conference.

HistoryMakers is a four day leadership training experience offered to young leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs, university students and clergy, to equip them in the areas of outreach and leadership. Based on the eight core values ​​of the most effective leaders, the HistoryMakers Conference provides hands-on training and a unique spiritual experience. The mission of the Conference is to change history by spreading the life changing message of the Lord Jesus Christ, through training leaders full of the Holy Spirit.

Through the HistoryMakers Conference, young leaders were trained on eight core values ​​of Christian leadership and were trained to change history by spreading the Gospel message around the world, deriving their strength from the Holy Spirit. These core values ​​are the foundations of the leadership training process:

  1. Intimacy with the Lord: God searches for dedicated men and women who lead through their intimate relationship with Him.
  2. Harvest Enthusiasm: God seeks men and women who share His love with people who are living without Christ.
  3. Visionary Leadership: The Lord searches for men and women subjected to the Bible, and committed to discovering the vision of God for their lives, determining their goals, stimulating the body of Christ, and overcoming obstacles until the message of the Gospel reaches to all nations.
  4. Culturally Appropriate Preaching: God seeks men and women who live the gospel and teach it in a culturally suitable, sensitive and strong way that every civilization in the world would understand and accept.
  5. Multiplied Leaders: God seeks men and women who provide apprenticeship and practical training for other leaders who can then do their part by training other leaders.
  6. Family priority: God seeks men and women who are convinced that the family serves as the cornerstone of community building, and who give their families priority for the development of leaders.
  7. Agency: God seeks men and women who are loyal agents to manage the financial resources, time and spiritual talents of their personal lives, and to serve the Gospel message to the nations.
  8. Integrity: God seeks men and women who live in the rightness of a sacred life, and are ready to be held accountable by God and the body of Christ. Integrity glorifies God and protects leaders from pitfalls and encourages them to grow.

This conference was a watershed in the lives of our students who participated in it. Alaa Khair, a Biblical Studies student, said: “This conference was one of the important and most impacting points of my thinking as a human being, who can cause influence, like other history makers. It also taught me to explore my vision as a Christian in the glorification of Christ. It has given me the ability to set the needed goals and plans for my vision. ”

Berta Shomali, another Biblical Studies student, said: “This conference was an important transition point in my life. The Lord touched my heart, showed me the aspects I missed and helped me rearrange my priorities and goals to achieve my vision”.

Special thanks to the International Leadership Institute (ILI) who gave us the honor to host this conference.

“Prepare us, O Lord and qualify us and we will make history”

and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also”

2 Timothy 2:2