Yousef AlKhouri, Christ at the Checkpoint Coordinator: “Come Meet Us and Listen to Our Story.”

Yousef AlKhouri, Christ at the Checkpoint Coordinator: “Come Meet Us and Listen to Our Story.”

Yousef AlKhouri, Christ at the Checkpoint Coordinator:

“Come Meet Us and Listen to Our Story.”

As we are getting back to normality little by little, we are excited to announce that we will be hosting Christ at the Checkpoint Conference under the name “Am I My Neighbor’s Keeper?” after two years of cancelation.

I interviewed Yousef AlKhouri, Coordinator of the Conference, about it:

“The mission of Christ at the Checkpoint is to raise the voices of Christian Palestinians and bring their message to the Evangelicals all over the world. At the same time, this message stands out in front of Christian Zionism and Zionist theology. The goal is to let the world know that we’re still here, even after all the challenging times that we went through and are still going through, especially with the tense political situation that seems not to end. So we want to let the world know that we are still here and still believe in our mission and we will continue the work.

“The conference this year came very fast, we only decided to do it in March and it’s happening at the end of this month. Our focus is not on the number of attendees but on the quality and impact. We are expecting around 70 attendees from different countries around the world.”

This conference is unique because most speakers will be young Christian Palestinian theologians. During the conference, which will be for four days, there will be field trips to help the attendees meet with Palestinians facing the Israeli occupation, hear their stories, and know them more deeply. This way, they will have experiences that they will carry with them forever.

Yousef also recently got a new title at the College; he is now the Academic Dean Assistant for Academic Extracurricular Programs. His main role is to help the Academic Dean with all the academic extracurricular programs, such as the academic conferences, the courses that are open to the community, the academic journal, and the Palestinian Library of Theology, which is a work in progress.

Yousef is also studying for his Doctorate in Contextual Biblical Interpretation at Vrije University of Amsterdam:

These days, my studies are going slowly because of the many things I’m responsible for, and Christ at the Checkpoint is around the corner. Nevertheless, I’m doing my best and expecting to graduate in 2025.”

Yousef added, “As for our future plans, after this Christ at the Checkpoint Conference, we will start preparing for a huge one that gathers the Global South, who are constantly under occupation and persecution. The main goal will be to speak with each other, learn from one another, and raise our voices together.”

Yousef encourages all of our friends and supporters to visit us, meet with us, spend time with us, get to know us more, and listen to our story. Join us for Christ at the Checkpoint Conference!