A Second Family in Jordan

A Second Family in Jordan

A Second Family in Jordan

On June 12, a group of our students and faculty members (with some local volunteers) went to Jordan for a two-week mission trip led by the Shepherd Society to serve among the Syrian refugees there. We invite you to read some of our students’ testimonies and experiences about how God worked through them during their stay.

‘’My experience was wonderful! I got a great chance to meet new people and know their needs and love, and experience God’s grace and love. I used to complain about the lack of some luxuries in my life until I got to know that there are people who do not have even the basics. I learned that just giving them love and attention helps to satisfy them. During the camp, I got the chance to know different personalities, the most beautiful of which were the children who expressed their love in many ways. It was indeed an amazing and beautiful experience, through which I learned to bear the burdens and always help others, and I hope to be able to offer more to those amazing people.” – Rosalinda Qassis

“It is difficult to describe my feeling during this ministry because I suffer, as many people suffer, from various problems both psychological or material, thinking that our problems are large and heavy. But through this ministry, I saw that my problems are not anything compared to the problems carried by children of a very young age. I saw myself unworthy in front of them, and I wanted to give everything I had to relieve their pain. Although the reality is that they did not forget the difficulties they went through, we as a team worked together to relieve their pain. I learned in this experience that God has blessed me with His love. I am truly thankful for the entire team who have become my second family.” – Jwana Hanania

“It was a new and sweet experience. I got to know new friends and it was fun and a blessing, as we managed to win the hearts of the children in the camp and the hearts of the families we visited as well.” – Daniel Zreinah

“Every trip I participate in to serve the refugees is a life-changer for me and a reason to grow more in my relationship with God. On this visit, I sensed something new. Those young boys and girls, despite all their circumstances, are striving to achieve their dreams – are clinging to them – and trying to develop themselves despite the simple possibilities they have and despite their few financial capabilities. One of the things that affected me most is their passion and love to know God despite everything.” – Kassandra Massou

“Refugee ministry is one of the ministries that always leaves a great impact on my life. Every time I participate in this ministry, I gain new personal experiences. One of the most important aspects is giving ourselves to serve others. The Lord Jesus answered His disciples once, saying, “My food is to do the will of Him who sent me and to finish His work.” (John 4:34). Even more impressive is the children’s acceptance and love for you because when you are serving from the heart, others will be able to touch this love. People might forget what you gave, but they will not forget the love you gave for free.”  – Riham Khair

During this mission trip, the students visited 40 families with whom they prayed and had fellowship. They had a great week of fun and learning with 120 Syrian kids at the summer camp, in addition to the many other activities that they did during their stay. Please keep the Shepherd Society ministry and our students in your prayers to be able to reach out to more people and touch more lives.