Another MA Graduate in Gaza, Meanwhile Another War on Gaza!

We applaud the achievements of our students all over the country, especially the students in our beloved, wounded Gaza! But unfortunately, while these days we are celebrating the success of Raghda Al Najjar, an MA graduate, she is living another war in Gaza!

“My name is Raghda Al-Najjar, married to Shadi, and we have two children, Christel, eight years old, and Siraj, six. I work as a project coordinator at the Caritas Foundation in Gaza; I’m working on a project that provides food parcels for people in need and re-building houses for those who lost their homes during the war. As for my ministry, I love to serve among children, youth, and women. I previously served at the Catholic Church in programs for children and youth. We used to provide services for the local community, such as fun open days and volunteering in civil society organizations. Today I serve in the Baptist Church alongside my husband in the worship and women’s ministry.

“I studied at Bethlehem Bible College in the MA in Christian Leadership and Ministry Program, and just finished my last exams and graduated. I faced many challenges as a student living in a war zone during my study journey. For example, we don’t have electricity in Gaza all day, which prohibits me from studying and finishing my assignments on time. In addition, the continuous wars that Gaza faces, including the one that just started last week, made it almost impossible to achieve anything because we are continually in a running mode, trying to hide and survive the bombs. Then I must add in my responsibility as a working wife and mom of two kids.

“As a young couple, people often ask us, why won’t you leave Gaza and search for a better and safer future for your family? We did have a lot of chances to go, but we didn’t. I would always ask myself, what would Jesus do if He was in our place? He would stay, give love and serve His people during the war and hard times. And this is our ministry as a couple, to stay in Gaza – a nonstop war zone – and to keep serving our people who need a lot of support, financially and emotionally, to be the medicine for their wounds.

“Please keep me and my family in your prayers, so we follow the Lord’s call on our lives and be light and salt in this land and, in particular, in Gaza! Because although we sometimes feel that we are forgotten and neglected by the world, we are not forgotten by Him. Jesus loves Gaza and the people of Gaza, and He won’t forsake us!”