Bethlehem Bible College students organized an activity entitled: “Who’s Your Influencer?”

Bethlehem Bible College students organized an activity entitled: “Who’s Your Influencer?”

A group of Bethlehem Bible College students organized an activity as part of the Youth Ministry course titled “Who’s Your Influencer?” under the supervision of Dr. Madeline Sara. This activity was part of their final practical project for the course, where they invited diverse groups of Christian youth from the Bethlehem area.

The activity focused on the negative influence that young people face in our current era through social media, by individuals who claim to be “influencers.” The students Khalid Dally and Lourd Al-Sayeh opened the session, followed by a welcoming speech from Dr. Madeline Sara, a lecturer and coordinator of “A Pot in His Hands” Women’s Ministry at the college. She encouraged the audience to enjoy the activity and benefit from it. The event included a session of hymns led by Rev. Dr. Jack Sara, the College President, and the student Khalid Dally. Subsequently, the students presented various creative stations and exhibits, aiming to guide the youth toward understanding the Word of God and to examine the concepts that inundate their minds daily through short videos and other means.

The session featured participation from Fr. Boulos Khano about the Aramaic language and his talents and skills in the art of calligraphy in Aramaic, expressing his desire to spread light and influence through the talents bestowed upon him by God. At the end of his speech, Fr. Boulos presented a gift to the students, a handwritten Lord’s Prayer with the names of each student in Aramaic.

Dr. Joseph Khoury, a lecturer at the college, presented a discourse about the most influential figure in history, Jesus Christ. The New Testament informs us of the impact Jesus had on people’s lives, which has lasted over two thousand years. He emphasized that Jesus calls us to follow Him, just as we follow social media influencers, and just as we share short videos and reels of social influencers with our peers, we should share the stories and teachings of Jesus Christ with others.

Regarding the activity, student Khalid Dalla said, “Today’s generation is greatly influenced by the celebrities they follow on social media. Therefore, this activity aims to convey the fundamental idea that you are the one who creates the influence, whether it’s in your home, workplace, or even in society. The greatest example for us of an influencer who changed the world’s thinking and direction is Jesus Christ, our Savior, who impacted many and continues to influence the world today through us, who have the Spirit of God within us.”

Student Lourd Al-Sayeh added, “With the spirit of unity and love, we organized this activity for the youth, aiming to build a generation that is aware and conscious of its importance as individuals in society, with the ability to make a big difference and bring about change.” She continued, “How beautiful it is to work for God’s purpose! This day was successful, and it was the beginning of something new in our lives as students at Bethlehem Bible College.”

The activity concluded with a dinner, distribution of gifts among the attendees, and exchange of friendly and enjoyable conversations among the students and participants.