The Summer Intensive in Peacemaking and Justice Changes Lives

The Summer Intensive in Peacemaking and Justice Changes Lives

From the back streets of Hebron to the best tea shop in Bethlehem unknown to the tour bus crowds, to a trek through the Al-Makhrour Valley to Battir, and on to rooftops of Jerusalem,  the indefatigable peacemakers of the Summer Intensive of Peace and Justice, a two-week-long program, did not falter in their engagement with the Palestinian experience and their openness to explore the many forms peacemaking takes in Palestine.

The participants in the Intensive, hailing from diverse countries such as South Africa, Canada, England, Palestine, and the United States, gained a wealth of unique experiences from the Intensive. Donnelly from South Africa, for instance, shared her distinct perspective:

“The Intensive is called this for a reason. It’s jam-packed with exceptional lectures and fascinating field visits. The topics are diverse, from theories of Palestinian identity to personal testimonies of life through crucial points in the Palestinian story, approaches in peacemaking and the pursuit of justice, and practical topics such as healing trauma.

Field visits focused intentionally on the vital topics of justice and peace from the “beautiful resistance” of Alrowwad in Aida refugee camp—a center of culture, arts, dreams, and creativity—to the Christ-like resistance to displacement of the Tent of Nations educational and environmental farm on a hilltop southwest of Bethlehem, and so much in between.

This is not just an educational journey but a life-altering experience, which I wholeheartedly recommend for all individuals who yearn to witness God’s Kingdom of justice, peace, and restoration manifest here on earth – in the captivating landscapes of Palestine – as it is in Heaven.”

The Summer Intensive is part of the Certificate Program of the Bethlehem Institute of Peace and Justice at Bethlehem Bible College. Andrew Bush, the BIPJ Directors, says,

“We are enrolling in an online, asynchronous course for our fall semester, Introduction to Peacemaking and Justice in the Palestinian Context.  This is a fantastic opportunity to delve deeper into the realities of Palestinian life and learn from esteemed Palestinian scholars and leaders.  Join us in this journey and secure your spot in our Summer Intensive 2025! Enroll ( now to avoid missing out on this enriching experience.”