Bethlehem Bible College Students’ Final Projects – 2024

Bethlehem Bible College Students’ Final Projects – 2024

As the semester draws to a close, the atmosphere on campus is charged with anticipation and determination. Four exceptional students at Bethlehem Bible College have recently presented their seminar graduation projects, showcasing their dedication and exploring various topics. The faculty and leadership were deeply impressed by their diligence and scholarly contributions.

Anthony Khair’s seminar, titled “White Theology and its Intersectionality with Christian Zionism,” under the supervision of Dr. Yousef AlKhouri, shed light on the role of White Theology in the colonization of Palestine. Anthony’s thorough examination revealed how White Theology, prioritizing Western interpretations of scripture, marginalized non-Western theologies. This framework justified Christian Zionists to oppress Palestinians, marking them as the “unchosen” or “other.” Anthony’s research underscored the intertwined nature of White Theology, Zionist, and Christian Zionist ideologies in the colonization and domination of Palestine.

Jeniely Hadweh, under the guidance of Dr. Madline Sara, focused her research on Esther as a leader chosen by God during a time when women faced significant challenges in speaking out. Jeniely’s analysis delved into the historical context of the Book of Esther, exploring the evolution of women’s leadership throughout history. Her paper also examined the obstacles women face in empowerment and leadership, highlighting the potential contributions of women in various societal leadership roles and their impact on development and social change.

Ayman Hawash’s seminar, titled “The Lutheran Church and its Role in Developing Palestinian Theology,” supervised by Mr. Alaa Qassasfa and Dr. Yousef Al-Khouri, explored the influence of the Reformation era on Palestinian theology. Ayman’s choice of this topic was driven by his profound belief that Palestinian theology was profoundly influenced by specific Lutheran figures. These individuals played a pivotal role in developing and shaping a new Palestinian theological thought rooted in the teachings of the Bible and Jesus Christ. Notably, Rev. Dr. Mitri Raheb and Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac stand out among these influential figures.

Daniella Bahnan, an Orthodox Syriac, researched the history of her church, the Syriac Church in Bethlehem, under the guidance of Mr. Haytham Dieck. Her project highlighted the rich heritage and deep history of the Syriac Church, exploring its language, culture, and beliefs. Additionally, Daniella addressed the painful reality of the Ottoman massacres and their impact on the Syriac Christian community’s migration and settlement in Palestine, particularly Bethlehem, through interviews with Syriac families.

As each student concluded their presentation, there was a palpable sense of gratitude and admiration among all who witnessed their achievements. These four individuals, with their unique perspectives and unwavering commitment to their faith, exemplify the spirit of Bethlehem Bible College and serve as inspirations for future generations of scholars and theologians.