From Bethlehem to Jenin, Nablus, Jericho and Jerusalem

Tour Guide Program Field Trips At Bethlehem Bible College we are committed to give each of our tour guide students in-depth knowledge about destinations frequented by tourists in the Holy Land. This semester our students visited many sights and learned experientially how to relay information to visitors in an entertaining and informative way. Field Trips […]

100 Years of Fortitude – Nassar Farm celebrates its centennial anniversary

The image: Anton and Nisreen Nassar at their family farm in the Bethlehem municipality Most of those who are familiar with the struggles of Palestinians in the West Bank have heard of Nassar Farm and the family’s ongoing legal battle to retain hold of their land, for which they hold a 100 year-old property title—but […]

Igniting Passion: Athletes Set on Fire to Impact the World

‘The separation wall is not the only wall in Bethlehem’ says Judy Fox, Founder of Ignite International.’ There are many other invisible walls that are separating people in this region; religious, gender and political’. For Judy this is where sports can play a pivotal role in breaking down barriers. Judy believes sport is a universal […]