As we are recruiting students for the new academic year, please pray with us that the Lord will open the way for those who are willing to study at Bethlehem Bible College, and to lead His children into the right field, which they will use to build His kingdom on earth.

We praise the Lord for our successful summer community training programs. We had more than 70 students in the different courses. Pray with us that these classes were not just teaching them languages, but were teaching them the love of Jesus Christ.

Please pray for some of our faculty members who have been spending their summer traveling around just to share about our College and its influence in the community. May the Lord bless and protect them.

Due to the water shortage caused by the occupation, please pray for those families who have been suffering from lack of water for days and weeks.

Pray for the families whose homes were demolished by the Israeli soldiers and are now homeless. Click here to watch a report.