Dr. Madleine Sara

Dr. Madleine Sara

Women Ministry Coordinator



  • B Ed in Special Education from David Yellin Teacher’s College in Jerusalem
  • MA in Christian Counseling and Human Help from Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA, USA

Biographical Information

Madleine is an education specialist & a Christian counselor that has been leading women’s empowerment ministry at Bethlehem Bible College since 2014 and has a counseling office in the college since then. 

She is a Professor at Bethlehem Bible College and a mentor to many emerging Arab women leaders and theologians.

She provides pastoral ministry in the Jerusalem Alliance Church, where she preaches and is part of the pastoral team. 

Her established women’s empowerment ministry is called a Pot in His Hand, focuses on training women for leadership in church and society.

Madleine edits and writes for a women’s magazine that she publishes called ‘Anyeh biyadeh’ means a pot in His hand. She has published a book in Arabic on raising children called “Motherhood is a Responsibility, not just a Role.” She hosts a television talk show called ‘You are Altogether Beautiful, my love,’ aimed at encouraging and empowering women spiritually and emotionally, and she runs a public Facebook page where many of her articles are published. 

She holds a Bed from David Yellin College for Teachers, Jerusalem, with majors in education and special education, focusing on helping people with learning disabilities. She completed an MA at Liberty University, Virginia, with a focus on Christian counseling and human relationships, and holds a DMin in spiritual and leadership formation from Portland Seminary at George Fox University, Oregon. Her thesis focused on the role of women in the local Palestinian church.

Raised in a Christian Arab Palestinian family in Jerusalem, she focused her ministry and pastoral work at the Jerusalem Alliance Church after marrying pastor Jack Sara.

Madleine and Jack have three children, Nathan, Maranatha, and Mickel.


Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Psychology
  • School Counseling
  • Children Ministry








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