New Vision Media Center at Bethlehem Bible College hosted an event for people with disabilities

ew Vision Media Center at Bethlehem Bible College hosted an event in cooperation with four institutions from the Bethlehem governorate that support people with disabilities ranging from mental to physical and visual disabilities...

Ministry of Tourism Exam at BBC

This week BBC’s students from the Diploma Tour Guiding program as well as those from other universities in the area are taking their exams from the Ministry of Tourism to become licensed tour guides. Bethlehem Bible College is honored to host both the Ministry and the students on our campus. This exam is usually given […]

A Grander Vision for Bethlehem & the Middle East: BBC hosts third Global leadership Summit in Bethlehem

For two days this October, Bethlehem Bible College’s staff, students and faculty joined efforts and worked diligently to host, for the third time, the Global Leadership Summit (GLS) in Bethlehem. Started by renowned pastor Bill Hybels, the GLS is a two-day leadership event telecast LIVE in HD from Willow Creek’s campus near Chicago to hundreds […]

“So We Submit to Him and Carry On” Women’s Monthly Meeting at BBC

On Wednesday, October 5, women from across the Bethlehem area, arrived at Bethlehem Bible College’s campus to attend ‘A Pot in His Hand’  monthly meeting. The meeting featured worship, led by Monica Zaytuna and Safa Bannoura and a powerful message led by a special guest, Catherine Shahwan. Catherine talked about the importance of total submission […]

“Children’s Safety on the Roads” A talk show by the New Vision Media Center

The New Vision Media Center at Bethlehem Bible College just filmed a talk show about children’s safety on roads. The show was hosted by Media director, Gabriel Hanna and will be broadcasted on Maan satellite station reaching Palestinians families across the West Bank and Gaza. The dialogue aims to raise awareness among citizens and to […]

Inspirational Graduation Speech from Nazareth Evangelical College

We are filled with joy as we stand together, offering our most sincere congratulations to the graduating students. Congratulations!! For the past 4 years we have seen and appreciated your hard work. Some may wonder about the importance of studying theology, the Bible and ministry with our College.  In answer to that, I have two […]

Bethlehem Bible College Begins Online Courses in Biblical Studies

On September 15, 2016 Bethlehem Bible College initiated its online program in Biblical Studies with 44 Arab students living all around the world! “We have students from Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, among other countries. But they are spread out all over the world, from Gaza to Hong Kong and all the way to Belgium, […]

College Staff Member nominated for World Summit Initiative Mobile Phone e-Content Award

On Monday, August 22, 2016, the World Summit Initiative on e-Content (Palestine) held a press conference at the headquarters of the Supreme Council for Creativity and Excellence. Seven projects were nominated to represent the state of Palestine in the competition of the World Summit Initiative for Mobile Phone e-Content Award, including a project by Joseph […]

Bethlehem Bible College Choir: A Unique Voice for Palestinian Christians

The Bethlehem Bible College Choir is unique in that it represents the seldom heard voice of the Palestinian Christians. The Choir has a varied repertoire which includes music from the historic churches as well as from the contemporary Arab Christian world. With a performance style which is distinctively Middle Eastern, the music conveys a strong […]

Palestine: An Example of Life-Giving Fellowship

Bethlehem is, above all else, a city of hope and love. This statement should not come as a surprise, especially to those who have spent any amount of time here or remember the city’s Biblical significance, but I forgot this reality. Without realizing it, I had allowed university studies and news of the conflict to […]

A trip full of Surprises!

I had tried to do my homework before my trip to Bethlehem this summer. I was excited to be joining a team from my church, All Souls Langham Place in London, to help with the ‘Around the World in 7 days’ camp for children. I had heard of the famed hospitality of Arabs, and I […]

From Hindrance to Blessing: A Reflection from the BBC Summer Camp.

Earlier this summer, myself and twelve others flew in from London to help Bethlehem Bible College run a day camp for local kids. My main concern before going was that we were going to be more of a hindrance than a help, as none of us spoke Arabic, and we only had a basic understanding […]

“Women between Norms and Laws” A New Vision Media Center production

On July 19th, the New Vision Media Center in Bethlehem Bible College organized a workshop entitled “Women Between Norms and Laws.” It was attended by more than 30 women from various segments of Bethlehem, Hebron and Ramallah Governoratess.  The lectures tackled different aspects aimed to raise awareness of the legal and social rights of women. […]

The Journey of a History Maker

Have you ever thought of making a difference? Have you ever gotten the chance to be the person in charge of steering the wheel? Do you consider yourself a leader? How do you keep yourself motivated in terms of leadership? What makes you sure you’re leading in the right track? These compelling questions and so […]

Water and Shade in the Desert

“Each one will be like a shelter from the wind and a refuge from the storm, like streams of water in the desert and the shadow of a great rock in a thirsty land” (Isaiah 32:2). While temperatures soar in Bethlehem and students take a break from their studies, things remain just as busy at […]

BBC Women’s Ministry: “A Pot in His Hand” Magazine

By: AmiRa Farhoud The women ministry’s team of Bethlehem Bible College has been working very hard for months to produce the 7th issue of our magazine, “A Pot in His Hand.” The theme of the current issue is about taking control over our lives, despite our pain and the challenges; challenging ourselves and our readers […]

…To Reflect Christ’s Love: Shepherd Society Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

“Life’s most urgent questions is: What are you doing for others?”  – Martin Luther King, Jr. “And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward.”  -Jesus On the evening of June 10, […]

Thus far the Lord has helped us: Our graduates for 2016!

Our students have completed their 4 year training in Biblical Studies at Bethlehem Bible College. They are now preparing for their graduation and for the good work that God has prepared in advance for them to do. Every day more than 360 alumni are using what they learned at Bethlehem Bible College to fully be […]

From Bethlehem to Jenin, Nablus, Jericho and Jerusalem

Tour Guide Program Field Trips At Bethlehem Bible College we are committed to give each of our tour guide students in-depth knowledge about destinations frequented by tourists in the Holy Land. This semester our students visited many sights and learned experientially how to relay information to visitors in an entertaining and informative way. Field Trips […]

“Now, More Than Ever” — Biblical Peacemaking at Bethlehem Bible College

“We live in an area where intractable conflict has been going on a long time. We need more leaders who are equipped with peacemaking skills, who in their turn can spread a culture of peace and reconciliation.” – BBC Peace Studies student, Arlette Flefel BBC’s inaugural year for its Master of Peace Studies program has […]

Blessed with Joy – BBC’s Media Department Travels to Kenya

“Let us not grow weary or become discouraged in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap, if we do not give in” (Galatians 6:9). “God speaks in different ways, and He spoke to me through this trip.  I came back to Bethlehem with a fresh inspiration to continue working for the people.”  […]

Open Doors for His Glory – The global impact of one small college

Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac ministers at a church in Hong Kong “But you will receive power and ability when the Holy Spirit comes upon you; and you will be My witnesses both in Jerusalem and in all Judea, and Samaria, and even to the ends of the earth”  (Acts 1:8). What can a small Christian […]

BBC hosts intensive class on Islam with Rev. Colin Chapman

In April, BBC hosted several world-class scholars on our campus in Bethlehem.  Ravi Zacharias joined us on April 6 for a special evening of Christian apologetics which was attended by several hundred people.  A few weeks later, about 15-20 BBC staff, faculty and volunteers took an intensive course on Islam with Rev. Colin Chapman.  In […]

The Shepherd Society Receives Local Honors

The Shepherd Society recently received two appreciation plaques for the work they are doing for the Palestinian community. In a small event before Easter, the Shepherd Society was recognized with a plaque and a special ceremony for its contribution to minister to the poor and needy in Bethlehem District.  Several weeks later, the Society received […]

“A Most Amazing Moment”

It seems no work of Man’s creative hand, by labour wrought as wavering fancy planned; But from the rock as if by magic grown, eternal, silent, beautiful, alone!    ~ “Petra” by John William Burgon, 1845 The very image of Petra, Jordan, has stirred the imagination of people around the world for centuries.  Built as early […]

WEA Secretary General Speaks on Gospel and Religious Extremism at Conference in Bethlehem, Calls for Recognition of Evangelicals in the Holy Land

World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) Secretary General Bishop Efraim Tendero spoke on ‘the Gospel and Religious Extremism’ at the fourth Christ at the Checkpoint conference in Bethlehem, calling for religious and political leaders to move away from exclusive territorial claims and instead commit to dialogue on common issues. He also met with government representatives and renewed […]

Closing night at Christ at the Checkpoint emphasizes repentance and action

“What now?” That question was on the mind of many delegates as they entered the closing session of the Christ at the Checkpoint Conference on Thursday evening, March 10. The last four days had been full of challenging and perplexing presentations on religious extremism, especially as it related to the conflict between Israel and Palestine. […]

Opening Session for Christ at the Checkpoint 4: The Gospel in the Face of Religious Extremism

BETHLEHEM, Palestine – Six years ago, Bethlehem Bible College organized the first Christ at the Checkpoint conference to ask: what would Jesus do in the face of an Israeli checkpoint? How does Christ’s Gospel respond to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict today? Three international conferences later, we ask the same question within an intensified context of violence […]

BBC Media Center Looks at the Impact of Heavy School Bags on Children

By Amira Farhoud Schoolchildren in Palestine face a health challenge that one would not expect: extreme back pain and scoliosis from carrying very heavy books bags as they walk to and from school. It is common in Palestine to see a six-year-old student carrying a five-kilo bag on his small back and heading all the […]

There is Something Divine in it

By Mercy Aiken In September of 2015, BBC launched its Master of Peace program, one of the first of its kind in the Arabic-speaking world.  The college has gathered an outstanding cast of world-renowned experts in the fields of peacemaking and reconciliation who have been leading intense two-week sessions on topics beginning with Strategic Nonviolence […]

Pastor Jack Sara at Missionfest Manitoba

Out of everyone at BBC, Rev. Jack Sara travels overseas the most. At least once every two months, our President has to leave the college and his family to share our mission and work in the kingdom of God with others. His hard work has brought many great changes since he was given the leadership […]

“Yet In Thy Dark Streets Shineth…” Bethlehem through the eyes of a volunteer

by Mercy Aiken I am a volunteer at Bethlehem Bible College and sometimes I still find it hard to believe that I am living in this iconic “little town.” It was in Bethlehem’s hills, of course, where David composed his first Psalms; it was here that he was anointed by Samuel.  It was here that […]

From Fear to Joy! A Savior is Born

A Christmas Reflection by Munther Isaac Academic Dean of Bethlehem Bible College “And the angel said to them, ‘Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the […]

Bethlehem Bible College Hosts More than 800 People at Annual Christmas Outreach

Despite the declining Christian presence in Bethlehem and against great odds, Bethlehem Bible College is still standing, in the words of Brother Andrew, as a ‘beacon of light’ in this historic town, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and extending His peace to everyone through various outreach programs. Since 1997, in celebration of the […]

Tour Guide student tells us about her experience participating in a field trip to Jericho

Ieva Aqleh tells us about her experience participating in a field trip to Jericho organized by the Tour Guide Department. ‘Our first field trip with the Tour Guide Program was to Jericho. It was a great experience because this was the first time to see things from a different perspective- it was a tour together with […]

New Vision Media Center Releases New Children’s Television Ministry

Across Palestine and the Arab world, children will find a new reason to smile when they turn on their television sets.  Bethlehem Bible College’s Media Center is proud to release a new and unique outreach to children; an Arab Christian television puppet show along the lines of Sesame Street. The Media center recently completed filming […]

In Loving Memory of our Dear Colleague Jihan

Two months after losing one of our dearest colleagues, Jihan Qanawati Al Ama, BBC held a memorial to remember her best moments with us. Jihan went to be with the Lord in October, 2015 after struggling for several years with a fatal illness. For those who did not know her, Jihan was a special part […]

A Visit With The Syrian Refugees

By Flora Al-Qassis This was my fifth trip to Mafraq, Jordan, with the Shepherd Society.  Each time I participate in this ministry trip I learn something new, I grow spiritually and I come home more appreciative for what I have. As a Palestinian woman living in a conservative society, what touched me more than anything […]

“A Pot in His Hand” Woman’s Ministry Hosts a Special Meeting with the theme of Building Healthy Relationships

“A Pot in His Hand” is ministry at Bethlehem Bible College that encourages women to pursue their God given-dreams. Mrs. Madleine Sara, the founder and director of this ministry, aims to empower women to be active in their external roles in society. She emphasizes the importance of helping women understand their own worth, value and […]

Alumni Reunion at BBC Celebrated with a Thanksgiving Dinner

BBC Alumni gathered at the college’s new building last week to give thanks.  Back “home” under the roof of their precious college, they reminisced and joyfully remembered good times from their days at BBC. The program was full of fun and encouraging moments, like a folklore dance by a youth group from Beit Jala. Jane […]

Prayer Conference in Nazareth

A collaboration between Nazareth Evangelical College And the International College of Prayer Nazareth Evangelical College, an extension of Bethlehem Bible College, held a prayer conference in the last week of November in collaboration with the International College of Prayer, which is based out of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Many students and church members from Nazareth attended […]

Beautiful Resistance: 6 Weeks of Art at BBC and Alrowwad Arts Center

“Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius.” –Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart “There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.”  –Vincent van Gogh The best artists are those who not only have the skill to evoke […]

My Homeland: “The Youth will not tire, ‘till your independence!”

By Amira Farhoud If you could choose any nation in the whole world to live in, where would it be? Would you choose an occupied land: to live in Palestine? Well, I would! I would choose it over and over again. For decades my people have lived in an occupied land. Their freedom was stolen, […]

Students from the Tour Guide Program Visit Exclusive Art Exhibition

This Saturday 21st of November our students from the Tour Guide Program were invited to an exclusive visit to Mr. George Lama’s personal art collection.  The paintings in the exhibition illustrate the development of Palestinian art through the 19th and 20th Century. The students also had the chance to see the showcase of Bethlehem Development […]

BBC Hosts Celebration for Tour Guide Graduates

On Monday, November 16th, Bethlehem Bible College hosted the annual ceremony for recognizing and certifying students who passed the exam for Tour Guide License. Bethlehem Bible College recently had the honor to receive members of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and students from different colleges and universities across the West Bank who passed the […]

BBC hosts Global Leadership Summit in Bethlehem

BBC hosts Global Leadership Summit in Bethlehem

Student Overnight Retreat

One of BBC’s most important goals is to enrich the lives of our students through encouraging their personal growth. In addition to giving them a sound practical and theological education, we also make sure to build their personality, their spiritual lives and their relationships with one another. Last weekend, our Dean of Students, Mrs. Shireen […]

Merry Christmas from Bethlehem!

The Bethlehem Bible College gift shop is proud to present our Christmas 2015 collection. Each of these handmade items has been specially chosen by our gift shop staff. Make the season brighter by helping BBC to support local artisans and the Christian community in the Holy Land, while also adding a unique and beautiful touch […]

A Place of Refuge for the Developmentally Disabled

BBC is currently highlighting a series of local ministries who work with the developmentally disabled in this region.  We are helping to support these ministries by carrying their hand-made products in our gift shop, some of which we are especially highlighting for this Christmas season. This week, we would like to introduce you to Al-Malath […]

BBC Hosts the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities Exam for Tour Guide License

This past Tuesday 29th of September, Bethlehem Bible College had the honor to receive members of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and students from different colleges and universities across the West Bank to conduct the annual exam that gives aspiring tour guides their license. Rev. President Jack Sara opened the exam, with encouraging words […]

Shepherd’s Society Celebrates the Opening of New Offices

“I was hungry and you gave Me something to eat…” ~Jesus Christ The Shepherd’s Society, the charitable arm of Bethlehem Bible College, celebrated the opening of new offices this morning, on the campus of BBC.  As the community outreach arm of BBC, the Society was established in 1996 to meet the practical needs of the […]

BBC Launches First Masters of Peace Studies in Palestine

There is a new take on the expression “Peace in the Middle East.” At the heart of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, Bethehem Bible College (BBC) is now offering a comprehensive Master’s degree in Peace Studies. The new program is the first of its kind in Palestine and is poised to offer one of the most enriching […]

Leaders of World Evangelical Alliance Visit Bethlehem Bible College

President Jack Sara, Academic Dean Dr. Yohanna Katanacho and forthcoming Academic Dean and Director of BBC’s Master program Dr. Munther Isaac, welcomed a delegation of leaders from WEA last week. WEA stands for ‘World Evangelical Alliance’ a network of churches in 129 nations that have each formed an evangelical alliance and over 100 international organizations […]