Their name,  which means “Come and See”  in Arabic, expresses the core of their mission: to encourage Christians to visit and be witnesses. These trips are ideal for believers who long for a deeply devotional experience in the Holy Land and yet do not want to shy away from its real complexities. Visit their page to join a pilgrimage, journey of understanding, educational tours, or let them help you design a trip to meet your needs.

Visit the website of our partner organization “Ta’  Shuf” to book a trip.

Let us know ahead of time and one of our qualified English speaking staff will be more than happy to give you a tour of campus. COMPLETELY FREE

Every year we are blessed with hundreds of visitors from around the world who want to know more about the Palestinian church. Whether they are Evangelical leaders like Bill Haybels and Ravi Zacharias or ordinary tourists, we relish every opportunity to share the powerful stories of God’s work through our ministries and introduce you to our staff, students, and faculty.

Duration: 35 Minutes

Price: Free

Make your trip to the Holy Land more meaningful and balanced by listening to the perspective of a Palestinian Christian. Our speakers include some of the most influential Christian leaders, pastors, theologians, and peacemakers in the Holy Land. Potential topics include:

Price: $200/$250 on weekends

Mingle with our staff, students, and faculty as we break bread together. Our kitchen staff prepare traditional Palestinian hot meals on a daily basis, and we have room in the dining hall for large groups of visitors.

Price: $13 per person

Small groups, families, and individual travelers are welcome to stay in our centrally located and affordable guest rooms.

All proceeds go to the college.

One way we maintain our ministries: selling locally made gifts to visitors.

Our store sells books relating to the Israeli Palestinian conflict, olive wood nativity sets, locally made silver jewelry, and much more. Prices are very competitive and everything is Fair Trade.

For those who can’t make it in person, we also have a robust online store.