Christian Ethical Standards

Actions toward one another will be examples of Jesus’ love within our BethBC community. We follow the biblical teachings and Christian ethics demonstrated by love, justice, integrity, fairness, transparency, mercy, accountability, integrity, responsibility and respect for all persons.

Christ-Honoring Community Relationships

Actions within our wider Bethlehem and Palestinian community reflect Christ to our neighbors. We regard each person in our wider community as created in the image of God. Our interactions with everyone demonstrate the same values listed in value #1.

The Evangelical Christian Faith Is Our Foundation

We empower leaders to evangelize the Palestinian people. We practice pure biblical teaching and believe in the work of the Holy Spirit.

Academic Excellence

Quality teachers who are specialists in their areas and a continually developing curriculum empower students to be ambassadors for Christ in their communities. College leadership is committed to the continuing accreditation, development and growth of the college. Academic facilities are first-class.

Palestinian Context

The values of God’s Kingdom are communicated and applied to the socio-political and cultural realities of the Palestinian people. BethBC’s location in Bethlehem and its curriculum offered in the local language address the needs of the local population.

Gender Equality

BethBC provides equal employment and educational opportunities, rights and benefits for both females and males. The College advocates for women’s leadership role within the church and the community and is committed towards women’s active involvement in all aspects of life.