Light in My Country: Student Testimonies

We are very proud of our students as they are fulfilling God’s calling in their lives. We invite you to read more about some of their testimonies, ministries and the great job they have been doing in our society!

While reading, please keep these students in your prayers, and pray for more students as we are about to start recruiting for our next semester!

“When we decided we were going to visit Ritaj, a 4-year-old cancer patient from Gaza, we went to the hospital she was getting treatment at in Jerusalem. It was so weird for me in the beginning because we had to wear sterile clothes, gloves, hats and we even covered our shoes!

When I first saw Ritaj, so much love flowed from my heart towards her.  I start questioning why a 4-year-old girl has to suffer and go through all of this. This isn’t how a little girl should be living her life! She had no hair, and the cancer made her blind! I could see her, but she couldn’t see me!

I didn’t know what to do or how to act! I wanted to show her how much I love her, but at the same time she couldn’t see me. She couldn’t look into my eyes!

We introduced ourselves. She introduced herself to the five of us as well, and I sensed how clever this girl was – how sociable! She talked, laughed and played! This made me think that this tiny girl with cancer really knows how to live and how to handle such pain!

During this time, a connection started to form between me and Ritaj, and before we left, she called my name and asked to shake my hand. She felt the gloves I was wearing, and she asked me, “Why you are wearing those gloves? I want to feel you!” She broke my heart. I wanted to feel her too, and have physical connection with her without any boundaries, but I couldn’t!

This little girl had so much hope in her blind eyes! Despite everything she was going through, she still smiled and laughed and enjoyed life! She encouraged me; she taught me that life goes on, and that we have to be strong in our most weak places!”

Damres Nawawra, Biblical Studies student

“A lot of us were very sick and couldn’t even travel as we were heading to Jordan to serve Iraqi and Syrian refugees. I was sick with a high fever, and my voice was hoarse. I was supposed to lead worship for all of our activities while we were there!

On the day of the church’s weekly meeting, the one where we were supposed to lead worship, nothing went right.  I was very, very sick; I couldn’t sing, but I prepared the songs anyway. I couldn’t write devotions to share with the worship songs, and the computer that had the worship lyrics was malfunctioning, with no internet access to find the lyrics online!

We knew the Enemy was against us. We went away to pray. We asked for protection and healing and that God’s work would be done.

Amazingly, my voice came back! The team and I were anointed by God that day and we were able to carry on worshipping in loud, clear voices and the lyrics came back to me – even the ones I never memorized! When we thought everything was falling apart, we were amazed that people actually ended up coming to the front to receive blessings.

That night, we were on fire, and we didn’t want that night to end. We stayed up until four in the morning the next day, praying and praising God for what he had done among us!”

Ala’a Khair, Biblical Studies graduate 2018

“My pastor once asked me to share my testimony with the church. I was terrified. What shall I say? What should I begin with? Will they accept me?

When I shared what God did in my life in front of my church, I felt courage and strength from above. I shared my testimony and the great things God had brought me through! After I finished, my pastor told me that he just witnessed an arising of a great servant and preacher. I thank God for blessing me and putting his words on my lips! I’m humbled by God’s graciousness.

I still face the same fears every time I speak, but God’s faithfulness always arrives on time to strengthen and encourage me. I still can’t believe that it is me that has the honor of sharing God’s Word with all kinds of people. I’m certain that it is always the Spirit of God speaking through me to the world!

Just like David, I also say, “Open my lips, Lord, and my mouth will declare your praise.” (Psalms 51:15)”

Adham Araj, Biblical Studies student

To build a better world, you have to build a better generation; and to build a better generation, you have to start with the children! That’s what I’m proudly doing. Children are like sponges, they absorb whatever you teach and tell them. I teach them the Word of God: verses from the Bible, stories about people from the Bible, and stories about Jesus. I challenge them to think about these things and follow in His steps. I ask them, “How do you handle your problems when you need to share, or obey your parents or even sit quietly during class?”  What they learn in class will be practiced in real life.

One child I work with has autism. He was lonely and preferred to stay alone. If anyone spoke with him, he would become angry. I was more careful and loving with him, helping him to feel like he was part of the class by playing on the playground and helping the other children to befriend and accept him. I taught them about differences in one another, but how that should be celebrated and embraced! Little by little, he began to speak and become more social, and all of the children began playing together. I love seeing their lives being transformed!

It is a great pleasure for me to serve among the future generations! We invest in our present to create a better future. It’s just like what Jesus said in Luke 18: 16, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.’”

Issa Sleem, Biblical Studies student