“I know life is not easy, and I want to be here with you.”

-Anne, a volunteer from the UK, English as a Second Language Instructor

Curious in becoming a volunteer at BethBC?

The College is looking for full-time volunteers to fill the following positions:

  1. Gardeners and cleaners
  2. English as a second language “ESL”- teachers (A working experience certificate is a must)
  3. Assistants in the Communications & Development department
  4. Library assistants
  5. SEO specialists
  6. Office-clerks

We are looking for volunteers who can stay with us preferably for a minimum of two months. Volunteers will be given a rent-free dorm room at the College and a lunch meal during week days; Monday through Friday (only when the kitchen is available to serve meals). Furthermore, the college will arrange and cover the pick-up and drop off from/ to the airport. However, you will have to cover all other expenses, including travel. Also, make sure to purchase travel insurance prior to your visit to the Holy Land.

We strongly advise that volunteers come with the support of their church or a mission organization, and with enough funds to cover the cost of travel and stay in Bethlehem.

In exchange for your willingness to serve the College, you will get the chance to have fellowship with your Palestinian brothers and sisters, and experience the cultural and political context in which they live and work.

If this interests you, please complete the application form and send it to info@bethbc.edu along with a copy of your CV/resume and two recommendation/reference letters.

Please, note that we do receive voluntary work applications up to the age of 65, with minor exceptions if your specialty meets an unfulfilled need of ours.

In case your application is accepted, expect to hear back from us within two weeks from the date of application. Later, we will arrange for a Zoom meeting with you and the head of the department at which you will be volunteering. If all goes well, we will provide you with more detailed information. For now, we wish you every blessing in discerning if God would have you serve at BethBC!

PS: During the voluntary work period, you are expected to be fully committed to BETHBC. Elsewise, please make sure to highlight it in advance.

To be able to give you the best experience in volunteering with us, you need to apply at least 6 months ahead.