Applying to Bethlehem Bible College is an exciting, life-altering step. Find out how to become part of BethBC.


To enroll at Bethlehem Bible College, go to the registration office to learn the needed steps of enrollment for each department. This will give a clear knowledge of the acceptance conditions in any department the student wishes to join. The registration office is the link between all the academic departments. The opening date of acceptance is set for each program and announced each year through the department. The registration continues for two weeks before the beginning of the semester.

The registration office provides the application form for any department after receiving the application payment receipt from the applicant. Thus, the student must then fill out the entire application, attach the following required documents and meet these conditions:

  1. Filling in all the required information in the full application form.
  2. Two personal photos.
  3. A copy of personal ID.
  4. A certified copy of high school transcripts.
  5. Any certificates with grades from other universities or colleges, if any.


After submitting the application to the registration office, the registrar will send the request to the department in which the student wishes to enroll. The registrar will then set a date for an interview with the head of the department, followed by contacting the student to conduct the interview. When a student is accepted, he or she is given a schedule of courses for the semester from the registration office. Also, a meeting with the Dean of Student Affairs is set to meet with all accepted students and introduce them to all departments of the college including the library. Other arrangements are made if the student is a resident.


Please contact our registrar:

Mrs. Ghadeer Khoury

Registration Office

Bethlehem Bible College

Tel: 0097-2-2741190