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Meet Some of Our Graduates!

Raghda Al-Najjar

“My name is Raghda Al-Najjar, married to Shadi, and we have two children, Christel, eight years old, and Siraj, six. I work as a project coordinator at the Caritas Foundation in Gaza; I’m working on a project that provides food parcels for people in need and re-building houses for those who lost their homes during the war. As for my ministry, I love to serve among children, youth, and women. I previously served at the Catholic Church in programs for children and youth. We used to provide services for the local community, such as fun open days and volunteering in civil society organizations. Today I serve in the Baptist Church alongside my husband in the worship and women’s ministry.”

Adham Al Araj

About the college’s impact on his life, Adham said that he learned God’s word and how to bring the Bible to the world through the college. In addition, it helped him to be an influencing leader through all the conferences and workshops it provided for the students.

The college also sent him to Dubai for a whole year to take the Pastoral Internship Program at the United Christian Church in Dubai (UCCD). This program equips aspiring pastors and leaders with education, training and ministry opportunities.

Adham added: “It is for the college I am where I am today in my ministry and studies. I thank God for the college and its leader, Pastor Jack Sara, for taking care of me spiritually and academically and helping me enter North Park University.”  

Wael Khoury

“I am Wael Khoury, a graduate of Bethlehem Bible College. I graduated from the College, specifically from the Biblical Studies Program, in 2009. The time I spent at the College was one of the most amazing times of my life, due to the great relationships I had with my colleagues and my professors. We were like one big family, which is what distinguishes the College. I served for many years in the College choir as a drummer. We participated in many events at different churches in areas throughout Palestine.”

Fadi E. Ghattas

“During my two years in the Tour Guiding Diploma Program at Bethlehem Bible College, I received a professional education, training, and practical preparation to become a walking encyclopedia of the Holy Land, and I gained deep knowledge in history, archeology, religions, and society.

These two years gave us a great opportunity to understand the archaeological and historical sites in our country. We received a depth of knowledge about the history of our Palestinian cause. Moreover, we had the chance to obtain a deep theological understanding of our Christian religion and discover many details of Islam and Judaism.”

Baseel and Ghaida Diebes

“The College had a huge effect on our lives; we learned incredible things about the Bible, and we grew in our faith. But mostly we loved the atmosphere and the relationships between the students, faculty, and staff! The teachers didn’t treat us as students but as friends and family members.

“As ministry leaders, what we learned at the College impacts our ministry in several ways. First, we apply what we learned about preparing lessons, preparing for the service, organizing our time, and our methods of dealing with children and youth. Secondly, from a spiritual point of view, we learned how to be led by the Holy Spirit. So, for example, before preparing each lesson, we take a period of prayer to hear what message the Lord wants us to give to the youth and children.