Please keep our Tawjihi (high school) graduates in your prayers as they seek to enroll in universities or other additional endeavors. Pray that the Lord will lead them into the right way that they will use for building His Kingdom on this earth. May He enlighten their minds and hearts, and may He lead the ones called by Him to study here at Bethlehem Bible College.

Continue praying for our summer English programs, including our international volunteers and local students. May God use everyone at BethBC through these classes to reach out to our lost brothers and sisters around Bethlehem.

Let us remember our friends, partners and our brothers and sisters in Christ, who bless us with their love, encouragement and support in helping us grow and reach out to more people. May our Lord continue to bless their lives, families and ministries.

Please pray for our Board of Trustees with their new arrangements. Pray that the Lord will continue to use them to grow, build and empower BethBC.