Since it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, let us all think of and pray for those battling breast cancer, including here in Palestine. The number is growing around the world, and many people have lost their lives in short time, so please spread awareness and don’t forget to do regular checkups.

For so long, the world has been witnessing different kinds of conflicts and natural disasters. One country facing a very sad situation is Myanmar. As the people there are being persecuted and forced out of their homes, they are now lacking their basic human rights. Please, not only pray for them, but pray for our ministry that we started lately here at BethBC, collecting donations to help provide the basic needs of food for the Rohingya  children.  We understand what it feels like to be a refugee!

On Sunday, the 22nd of October, we lost a very dear friend, brother and colleague, Elja Anthonissen, who served the Dutch visitors to Israel and Palestine. He was also a volunteer here at the college and brought many visiting groups from the Netherlands to visit us here at BethBC. He was not only a great man, but a great man of God. Please keep his wife Marlene, his kids and family in your prayers.

We are grateful and thankful for our Lord and the great team of staff and students at BethBC.  Please pray for the success of our GLS (Global Leadership Summit) Conference, that the effect will reach beyond our thoughts and hopes. We pray that more local people will find their call in life and use all of their potentials fully, to the glory of God.