Let us dedicate this month’s prayers for our brothers and sisters battling cancer in Bethlehem. Among them include two of our alumni: Kathrin Shahwan and Niveen Kardoosh. Not only has Kathrin been suffering from cancer, but she lost her mother on February 20th of this month to cancer. Niveen has been suffering from a brain tumor for the past two years. People around Bethlehem have been suffering a great deal from cancer, as not only many were fighting against it, but many more have lost dear ones to it. Let us pray for the powerful healing hand of our Lord to touch every person suffering from sickness.

Let us also keep three of our colleagues and their families in our prayers: our Dean of Students, Shireen Awwad Hilal, and our chef, Alaa Hazboun, have lost their fathers this month, and our librarian, Hala Ghneim, has lost her mother this morning. May our God comfort them, and give them the strength to overcome during this difficult and sad time.

Please also pray for us this season as much sickness is going around. Many of our staff, students and faculty members have been sick with the flu or cold. May the Lord heal every sick body, and give us the strength to continue this ministry.