• We pray for our current students to be thoroughly equipped and well-prepared to take on leadership roles within their communities.

  • Prayers to secure the necessary support and adequate funds for the swift completion of rehabilitation works at the campus as part of the College Beautification project.

  • Prayers to find support for solar systems installation on the college premises to be able to save money and help us reduce the college’s electricity bills.

  • Since they are sources of income for the college, we pray for the continuity and sustainability of the work of the guest house and the Star Bazaar gift shop.

  • We pray for the partners and supporters of Bethlehem Bible College that the kindness they have shown to us may be returned to them manifold.

  • We pray for increased awareness of and support for Bethlehem Bible College among churches, institutions, and individuals.

  • Through our community courses, we pray that we can be a lighthouse and reflect the love of Jesus to people in our community.

  • We pray for Peace in Palestine and for the removal of barriers and checkpoints that hinder the free movement of people across cities and regions in Palestine.

You can always check out our monthly newsletter with our updated prayers through this link:  https://bethbc.edu/newsletters-archive/