Bethlehem Bible College serves to encourage the Church’s continuing presence in both Palestine and Israel by empowering the Christians who have been the forerunners and bastion of the Christian faith for centuries. This is an urgent need due to the rapid decline of the Christian community over several decades.  Palestinian Christians continue to leave the Holy Land as a result of the ongoing Israeli/Palestinian conflict and the physical and economic hardships that it creates. Bethlehem Bible College works alongside other Christian organizations to strengthen and revitalize the Christian community, and serve as a respected bridge with the Muslim majority.

Over the years, Bethlehem Bible College has expanded, forcing it to move to a new location several times.  In 1990, classes were moved to its current location in Bethlehem, in buildings previously used by the Helen Keller Homes for the Blind.  Over the next decade, as the needs of the students and BBC grew, the campus was renovated, adding classrooms, a library, a chapel, a media center, and a Guest House. In 2010 a new academic building, the Bishara Awad Student Center, was completed to further meet the needs of the growing faculty, staff and students.  Now students are able to enjoy modern classrooms, a new chapel, cafeteria, and lounge areas.