ESL Classes Successfully Ended

As part of the outreach of the Bible College to the community, we run ESL (English as a Second Language) classes at very low cost.  Fully qualified, experienced teachers volunteer to run the six-week course.  This semester we had four teachers available with helpers.  This meant that the students could be placed into small groups appropriate for their level.  A very welcome spin-off from these lessons is that the teachers form enriching friendships with many of their students which continue after the course is over.
The final session concluded with a party.  The students received their certificates and everyone ate delicious refreshments that were brought in.  It was a happy occasion.  We hope to start a new course in January.
Mary and Derek Fairfield with the Advanced Group (Level Four)
Daniel Miller with the Beginners Group (Level One)
Ingrid Beiler with the Intermediate Group (Level Three)

Dorothy Yeung with the Upper Beginners Group (Level Two)