Q & A with Rev. Jack Sara

Q & A with Rev. Jack Sara

Over a cup of afternoon coffee, Rev. Jack shares his vision for the future of Bethlehem Bible College.

What’s your first memory of Bethlehem Bible College?

I first came to BBC as a student in 1991. I was amazed by the communal and family atmosphere and everyone’s dedication to the Lord.

Why are you most excited to lead BBC?

I’m excited to work with a team of leaders and educators of qualified men and women who share the same vision of love for our people.  We all desire to see our nation changed.

What will be your greatest difficulty in leading BBC?

The biggest difficulty will be not having enough resources to expand our work as we would like.

What kind of resources?

Financial resources are important, but not only that.  Resources like experiences for our staff in development and also the capability of expanding our work due to the situation of the country.  The political situation makes it difficult for us to expand our work and courses beyond the borders of Palestine and Israel.  This is why we are hoping on-line learning will help us make our courses available around the world.

What are your top 3 dreams for BBC?

  1. To strengthen and empower our team of faculty and staff to become highly efficient and organized, so that we are able to provide services for more students.
  2. To add extracurricular programs that reach out to the surrounding community.  We are looking at courses and programs for business leaders, outreach through music, media, and our second language courses.
  3. To see BBC become a Christian University.

What do you think will change about Palestine over the next 5 years and how will BBC respond?

We need to be prophetic about our situation.  It may not change in the next 5 years.  If it doesn’t, I want to see BBC giving hope to Christians and all of the Palestinian people.  We hope that BBC will become an open venue for the world to connect with Palestine and Palestinian Christians on an even deeper level.