“A story of God’s creativity in orchestrating it to happen.”

Ron and Joanne Geib, from Pennsylvania, U.S.A.,  have been the college’s guesthouse managers for about one year. During this time, they have cared for the guesthouse with love, hospitality, and creativity.

The mural was painted by a volunteer from New Zealand with a strong commitment to creating beauty for facilities in the Holy Land.  Joanne says that the painting of a mural in the guesthouse is a story of God’s creativity in orchestrating it to happen.

Here Joanne tells her story:

“About a year ago, Ron and I went on a tour to Nazareth.  When we were there, I saw the most beautiful mural painted on a wall and thought, ‘I would love to have a mural in the guesthouse!’

Then, on Sunday, July 1, last year, which is my birthday, we were waiting for the van to go to church, and I met a lady who was also going.  We started talking about what she was doing while she was in Bethlehem, and she said she is an artist and paints murals throughout the area.

When I heard this, I got excited and began asking more questions.   I asked if she would consider painting a mural at the college’s guesthouse.  Later that afternoon, we went to her house and saw examples of her paintings.  I saw immediately that she painted interpretively, with symbolism and deep meaning.

I felt like meeting her was my birthday gift from God!

On December 31, she was able to come to the guesthouse and begin her work.  It took her about eight, days and we dedicated the mural on January 14.  We are so thankful to this volunteer for her wonderful painting and the joy it brings to the guesthouse atmosphere.”

Bethlehem Bible College is also thankful to Joanne for her dedication and bringing this mural to life!  We will deeply miss Ron and Joanne when they leave the beginning of May.