Business Ideation & Innovation

Business Ideation & Innovation

A three-day workshop offers innovate ideas for Bethlehem’s business sector.

From Monday, May 20 to Wednesday, May 22, twenty non-profit leaders and business entrepreneurs attended Bethlehem Bible College’s first-ever Business Ideation workshop, in cooperation with Gingras Global and Kensington Community Church from Michigan, USA.

The conference presenters, Romy Gingras Kochan, John Boyle, Tommye Cox, and Robert Stein, who have worked for businesses around the globe, shared their expertise on a variety of topics including social enterprise, root-cause analysis, marketing, time-management.

“I really enjoyed learning about the movement of Social Enterprise in the USA. It’s a great idea for how we can be helpful to our society,” commented one participant of the workshop.

Another participant commended the practical skills given by the presenters, “I personally applied the fishbone diagram the very next day at my work – and it worked!!”

With a thriving business sector in Bethlehem, Bethlehem Bible College will continue to reach this vital community. We hope to create passionate leaders in business and building God’s kingdom.