“Vessel in the Potter’s Hand”, a Counseling and Guidance Service, was established two years ago by Christian Psychological Counselor Medeleine Sara. The service targets women in the Palestinian Arab Community who have been subjected to abuse, discrimination and marginalization. The vision of founder Madeleine Sara is to raise the awareness of women, and to offer them psychological, intellectual, and spiritual support. The Counseling and Guidance Services offers this in a variety of forms: through educational awareness sessions, treatment sessions, as well as individual counseling.

It is worth noting that this service is being offered under the auspices of Bethlehem Bible College, which is committed to providing programs intended to build up and encourage local churches specifically, and the Palestinian community generally.

Yesterday, at a celebration at Bethlehem Bible College, in conjunction with the Shepherd’s Society and the Association of Evangelical Churches of Palestine, Madeleine Sara, Psychological Counselor, launched the first edition of the magazine “Vessel in His Hand”, a publication dealing with Christian psychological counseling and guidance, and with psychological, spiritual, and social issues as they relate to women.

The founder of the magazine, “Vessel in His Hand” seeks through this publication to reflect the loving heart of Christ to every woman, and to uncover the beauty of the feminine nature, a nature that is distinct and changeable, and to help each woman discover her true nature in Christ, and her talents, her abilities and her call and role in the work of expanding His Kingdom.

Counselor Madeleine called attention specifically to one of her students who played a major role in editing and producing the magazine, Ameera Farhoud, a graduate of Bethlehem Bible College’s Media Department and presently enrolled in BBC’s Department of Theology.

Also assisting to produce the magazine were several other persons, who wrote articles, including Nasry Khoury who designed and produced the first issue, as well as Joe Anwar, who undertook the layout and photography, and Open Doors Organization which provided financial support and encouragement.