We were blessed to recently have a prayer group from Phillipus Dienst in our midst at BBC. We saw the Spirit of the Lord work through them as they prayed and ministered to many people. They were an amazing blessing to everyone they came across. At our weekly chapel, their anointed singing uplifted and encouraged the students, staff and faculty. They carried with them the presence of the Lord as they prayed with BBC staff members and shared messages of comfort, deliverance, life and hope as the Spirit moved them.

The group also visited a few homes and listened to the challenges and difficulties that
Palestinian Christians face living in the West Bank. Their response always was to
pray and share God’s amazing love that is poured into our hearts through the Holy
Spirit. It was also encouraging to listen to testimonies from different members
of the group about God’s work in their lives.

We are grateful to these servants of the Lord who came to be with us, to encourage us
and revive our faith and love and dedication to prayer. It was especially humbling to experience their sensitivity to the voice of the Holy Spirit, their open hearts and listening ears to all whom they encountered and their diligence in serving the Lord. We pray that the Lord will continue to use them greatly for His Kingdom and we hope to see
them again at BBC!