Christmas Bazaar

Christmas Bazaar

The dean of students office  held a three day Bazaar at Bethlehem Bible College,  the dates were on the 3rd-5th of December.

The bazaar was a great event where many BBC students and local people from the community had the opportunity to sell various products to the local people such as Christmas chocolates and candy, pure honey, clothes and a special Christmas photo session.

On the second day, a special event for children took place, where a local theatre “Mr. Okay” put on a Christmas show for  around 250 children. It was a joyful atmosphere for everyone where many children and parents heard the message of Christmas, Jesus’ gift of salvation to all people.

A lecture was also given by Ms. Madleine Sara about special Christian education methods.

On the third day, another special event was held for the local people, two BBC graduates, Enad Saba and Jiries Baransy beautifully sang amazing  Christmas songs and Carols, and a local Dabka group  from the Lutheran school gave an outstanding performance.

This event was a highlight of the Christmas season especially that BBC students were involved in the program; BBC also highly appreciates the tremendous efforts  the Union under the leadership of Ms Shireen Helal and their role in making this a memorable and successful time where many lived the joys of Christmas within the walls of BBC!