This past Saturday 20th of June Bethlehem Bible College had the pleasure to host an International Worship Conference featuring Tommy Walker, The International Celebration Choir and Bethlehem Bible College Choir. The conference was designed to bring people from around the world together to experience a time of celebration and worship.

The event started with a variety of workshops that aimed to encourage worship leaders, praise teams, choirs and congregations to become more effective at leading people into worship. Tommy Walker, a world-renowned worship leader and songwriter lead a workshop entitled ‘Worship Song writing’. The participants of his workshop actually wrote a song during their training. Mike Harland, Director of Life Way Worship, gave a workshop about ‘Living the Lyrics We Sing’, Dr. Gary Mathena, Director of Practicum in Liberty University, gave a profound workshop on the topic of ‘Worship’s Purpose: An Introduction to the Study of Worship’ and finally Dale Wilbur, Minister of Music and Worship at Colonial Heights Baptist Church, gave a talk about ‘A Heart of Worship: Worship Philosophy for Leaders, Singers and Instrumentalists’.

After a superb lunch courtesy of BBC’ talented kitchen staff the participants attended a series of lectures on the topic of Worship. Tommy Walker, for example, talked about why he is a worship leader and Mike Harland about the mission of worship.

The conference concluded with a Worship Concert with songs written and sang by Tommy Walker and special performances by The International Celebration Choir and Bethlehem Bible College Choir. The International Celebration Choir with Tommy Walker sang beautiful and moving themes that moved to audience to worship. Songs included popular songs such as ‘Taste and See’, ‘Christ is Able’ and ‘Holy, Holy Savior and King’. BBC’s choir sang two outstanding songs in Arabic ‘Spirit of God Come Upon Us ‘ and  ‘The Name of Jesus is the Most Beautiful Name to Him I left my Hands and Live my Days’. Finally BBC’s choir sang ‘Our God is an Awesome God’ before the crowd dispersed.