“Never underestimate the power of faith. Empires fall down at the feet of faith.” – Munther Isaac

The International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) is a community of national student movements engaging the university with the good news of Jesus. Every four years, representatives from across the IFES Fellowship meet for a World Assembly. This year the IFES family in Latin America welcomed participants from around the world for the IFES World Assembly in Mexico.

For IFES, one of the main features of the assembly is to hear afresh from the Lord through His Word. This year, the engagement with Scriptures came from Philippians and Daniel 1 and 3. For one of these main sessions, BBC’s forthcoming Academic Dean, Dr. Munther Banayout Issac, was invited to speak on Daniel 3 and the plight of Arab Christians. The message was well received as Dr. Munther encouraged the Church to follow the example of faith found in the book of Daniel.

“The empire bows down to the three young men who trusted their God and were faithful to Him.” – Munther Isaac.

Another highlight of the conference was that on Thursday the 23rd of July, the Palestinian student group was officially accepted as a member of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students.

As the conference continues until the 30th of July we give thanks to God that our faculty and staff are being channels of encouragement for the global Evangelical Church.