“Illness is not from God, but He turned it into beauty in my life”- A story of a courageous woman of God

“The strength and joy I have are really supernatural.  God is giving me grace to handle my pain, because He promised that He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear!”

Kathrin Shahwan is a graduate of Bethlehem Bible College’s Biblical Studies program. Two years ago she was diagnosed with cancer in her leg. After receiving chemotherapy, the cancer remained. To prevent further spread of the cancer, the doctors amputated her leg at the knee. Despite this loss, she didn’t lose trust and hope in her Savior. “God took away all fear from my hear.  I trust Him when He says that we have eternal life. If I spend my time worrying and in fear, what should I gain? So I made a decision to be happy and positive—and it has positively affected my health!”

After losing part of her leg, the doctors discovered that the cancer was still not removed from Katherin’s body.  She now has one of the worst kinds of fast-growing cancers in her lungs and liver, and the doctors have given her between 6 months to a year to live.  She is currently taking chemotherapy and praying for the Lord to give her more years to live with her children.

About her mother’s situation, Josleen, her eldest daughter says: “It’s very hard for me and my two brothers to keep hearing bad news for two years about our mother, but she was very brave and strong. She didn’t give up to the cancer; she kept comforting us and praying with us even though she’s the one that needs consolation. My father and my brothers and I are strong and we are still fighting with my mom, because of the strength we have from Jesus and from her!”

BBC Graduates about Kathrin:

Monica Hawash, a BBC graduate and a friend of Kathrin said: “Whoever  knows Kathrin, knows the real meaning of joy and sacrifice! She’s an amazing woman; with her smile, faith and strength she is fighting the worst kind of cancers. She does not know failure, but spends her time  comforting others and spreading joy. I have never heard her complaining about her situation. Instead she keeps thanking God for His goodness.”

BBC Teachers about Kathrin:

Mrs. Shireen Hilal:

Kathrin was a student at  BBC few years ago. I met her a while ago and I knew from the first time I saw her that she is a strong woman with leadership abilities.  After she graduated from BBC, she worked in women’s ministry. She is loved by all the women that she disciple or trained.

Defeating cancer is not through her power but it is very obvious to me when I talk to her that it is the Holy Spirit that’s speaking through her. I see Kathrin like Job: He was even questioned by his close friends but the Lord rewarded him. Now she is in the midst of her struggle  and she no longer knows right from wrong in terms of the medical aspects.  But our trust is in the fact that she has surrendered and given all her life, soul and wellbeing to Jesus to work through her.  I am honored to call her my student, friend and more.

Mrs. Madeline Sara:

Kathrin has been a serious and devoted student of mine, and our life journey together did not come to an end after she graduated from Bethlehem Bible College. She became a friend and true partner in ministry. She is a strong woman, a true diamond, a strong influencer. She is a model for steadfastness and waiting upon the Lord.

With hearts filled with hope, we encourage you to put your hands with us in prayer, because we believe that the One who healed many people two thousand years ago is still able; and can and will heal our Kathrin!