BBC Women’s Ministry: “A Pot in His Hand” Magazine

BBC Women’s Ministry: “A Pot in His Hand” Magazine

BBC Women’s Ministry: “A Pot in His Hand” Magazine

The women ministry’s team of Bethlehem Bible College has been working very hard for months to produce the 8th issue of our magazine, “A Pot in His Hand.”

Through this issue, we want to give you some tips and guidelines that will contribute in mobilizing your energy and cleaning off the dust of depression! Move toward the future with optimism, positivity, and full of hope into new shocking realities of self-discovery!

A Pot in His Hand’s vision

With a vision to provide a voice to the voiceless in a male-dominant society such as Palestine, the magazine is part of the women’s ministry of Bethlehem Bible College, started by Madeline Sara.

The purpose of this ministry is to equip women to identify themselves as valuable; to build up self-worth and help women understand that they can be agents of change and influence in the world, and finally, to help them identify their strengths to achieve their goals.  Young women need a vision of who they are, where they are going, and what they are to achieve in this life. The Bible says “Where there is no vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18).

Madeline Sara, a visionary woman’s leader and wife of BBC president Jack Sara received the name from the Lord.  “This name reminds us that God is the One who shapes us into what He wants us to be.”

For Women, by Women

As a seasonal magazine that comes out every 3 months, the entire production team composed of women; including the photography and design, as well as the writers and editors. Half of our small team are graduates from BBC.  For every issue, the team prays and seeks God for His help and direction in addressing such topics as achieving dreams, healthy relationships between men and women, raising children, spiritual topics, and stories of brave women who faced sickness and other challenges, but learned how to “rise and shine” in every difficult situation. The magazine is distributed to Palestinian women from all backgrounds, including Christian and Muslim.