BBC’s Student Activities in March

This March was a special month for BBC students. They experienced a lot of  spiritual renewal and social experience  in their lives through their community services in the area of Bethlehem.

The Student Council and Mrs. Shireen Hilal, the Dean of Students, in cooperation with BBC, arranged  a weekly visit to St. Nicholas Elderly Home in Beit Jala this month. They spent  quality time with the elderly there, prayed with them, talked with them, sang worship songs for them, and brought them gifts. Especially on Mother’s Day in Palestine  (March 21st), they went to the elderly home to remind those people that they are not left alone, but loved by them and Jesus.

Students also visited  two or three families in Bethlehem every Saturday of this month. They chose the “forgettable,” poor, and simple families,  bringing with them food for the families and gifts for the children.

The students also did a small Mother’s Day celebration at the campus for the moms and staff at BBC. They celebrated the hard-working women at BBC, and gave them flowers as an act of appreciation.

The main thing students are doing this month and the upcoming months is going to the private and public schools in Bethlehem,  to talk to the high school students there about BBC and encourage them to be part of our big family. They have visited around 20 schools so far, and planning to continue the upcoming months. Please keep them in your prayers, as they will also reach out to the local churches in Bethlehem with different denominations.

We thank God for our enthusiastic students and our amazing Dean of Students, who are working alongside each other , to build themselves spiritually, and to reach out to the outside community.