Women’s Conference: “By Faith, We Will Break the Arrows”

Women’s Conference: “By Faith, We Will Break the Arrows”

Women’s Conference: "By Faith, We Will Break the Arrows"

“A Pot in His Hand” and “Daughters of the King” ministries, in cooperation with Kensington Church, organized a women’s conference in Tayba, a village in northern Palestine, entitled, “By Faith, We Will Break the Arrows.” The conference was based on Ephesians 6:16: “In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one.”

The speakers welcomed the guests, then shared a simple word about their ministries among women. Sister Madeline Sara, founder of “A Pot in His Hand” ministry, welcomed the participating women and girls, and presented the vision of her ministry, which is the Counseling and Guiding Ministry of Bethlehem Bible College. She shared a summary of all the individual counseling services, the monthly meetings, which aim to raise Christian psychological awareness, as well as the workshops conducted by the ministry.

Afterward, Sister Nancy from Kensington Church gave a welcoming speech and shared her love for Palestinian women. She assured those in attendance that her group has been praying for them and for the conference in particular for several months. She went on to say that they should expect a special blessing from the Lord through this conference.

Finally, Sister Salwa welcomed the women and shared with them about “Daughters of the King” ministry, which is a ministry for women in Emmanuel Church. This ministry sponsors the women of the church and provides them with spiritual services.

The conference began with some praising and worship songs led by sister Jackie Qaqish, a servant of the Lord in the Baptist Church in Ramallah. After that, Madeline Sara presented her first session entitled, “The Past, the Present and the Power of Forgiveness.” There was another session led by her later that day entitled, “The Present and Repentance”.

Sister Madeline Sara taught about the impact and results of the past in building spiritual barriers that prevent and hinder spiritual growth in the lives of believers, which can often result in disgruntled, competitive or indifferent characters.

She led the women in prayers to examine the past, and write the names of these barriers on some papers and put them at the cross.

The conference was attended by the “Praise of the Redeemer” (Tasbeeh Al-Fadi) team, who led the conference with a very blessed evening of praise and worship, led by Brother Saman Rafidi.

There was also a prayer room where some women spent time after midnight praying for their lives and the lives of others.

On the second day, Sister Salwa shared about the subject of forgiveness and showed the difference between forgiveness and reconciliation. She spoke about the obstacles of forgiveness and the consequences of non-forgiveness in our lives. Then she led the women to pray to remember the people who had hurt them, asking for forgiveness toward them. The ladies wrote the names of the people they wanted to forgive on sheets of paper that dissolve when they come into contact with water. They then went to a pot filled with water, and threw the papers inside, watching the paper dissolve in front of their eyes.

The speakers also made a wooden cross available with nails next to it for women to come and metaphorically nail issues from their past to the cross.

At the end, the foreign team, who was a partner in the service, was honored and thanked, and the conference ended with a prophetic photograph of a heart broken with arrows. Both Sister Madeline Sara and Sister Salwa Salman led this session by holding arrows and explaining the work of the Enemy in pointing arrows at believers and the Church. They explained that it is time to return these arrows to their opponent.

They prayed a prophetic prayer by taking these arrows and declaring that the Enemy was defeated and destroyed forever; and that as believers, we declare our full awareness of what the Enemy is trying to do by corrupting and destroying the Church of the Lord and its sons and daughters.